Robin R. Ireland, Owner and Designer

Founder and owner of Ireland Graphic Design, Robin Ireland is an award-winning designer with over 30 years of experience in bringing the visions of her clients to life. Bringing businesses alive through creative design and imaging is at the core of who Robin is and what she does.

Robin received her Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Graphic Design when graphics were done by hand instead of with computers. She started her career working in the print industry, while starting her own design business on the side. Because of this dual background in printing and designing, she has mastered every tool in the graphic design/print arsenal, from typesetting to technology and everything in between. Her extensive experience and willingness to embrace new technology has endowed her with the ability to know not only what the perfect design should look like, but also exactly how to achieve it. As a result, her final products are always enviably polished and professional.

pink lily pastelA natural born illustrator and artist at heart, her attention to detail and demand for perfection is what sets her work apart from the rest. The artist in her allows her to take a concept, a vision, and translate that into a stunning reality using today’s technology. She has recently created a series of flowers using Rebelle, digital painting software. She also created the cover art for a book of poetry using Rebelle.

In addition to her background in printing and graphic design, Robin is also a teacher, and has taught computer graphics to high school and adult education students.

Robin’s client list is long, eclectic and impressive, as is the type of work she does for them. From websites to billboards, magazines, catalogs, flyers, press releases, email marketing, and advertising materials of all shapes, sizes and styles, there appears to be nothing in her field she can't do. And though she would never play favorites, she really enjoys working with small businesses and non-profits.

As a professional graphic designer, Robin operates in the background, but her talent is always at the forefront. She simply loves what she does, she loves to envision what could be and her creativity knows no bounds.